Mental Health Friendly Work “PLACE”s

A safe and judgment-free space for your employees, colleagues and customers.

The  DMHA “PLACE” designation is available to any business, organization or institution that strives to support the mental health of their employees, colleagues and customers. The decision to become a safe and judgement-free space – one that normalizes conversations about mental health, and offers support and resources – will enhance professional culture and environment. Becoming a “PLACE” will result in a deeper degree of health and wellness among all personnel which over time will positively affect the productivity, job satisfaction and bottom line of your organization.

Become a “PLACE”

DMHA Task Force

The DMHA Task Force is comprised of key community stakeholders across various sectors throughout Dover. Participating organizations include: Dover Police Department, Dover Fire Department, the Mayor of Dover, Wentworth Douglas Hospital, Dover Public Schools, The Doorway, SOS Recovery, Dover Welfare, Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, Community Partners, Strafford County Sherriff’s Department, Strafford County Public Health Network, Chameleon Group, Dover Chamber of Commerce, NAMI NH, Recovery Friendly Workplace, and more. The Task Force is charged with improving cross-organizational communication and support, as well as assessing and addressing barriers to care. Improving public perception and increasing awareness and education surrounding mental health, is the cornerstone of this initiative.

NAMI NH Connect Student Empowerment

In partnership with the DHS Student Mental Health Initiative including student-led NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention Trainings. Using national best practices, DHS students are ready to train peers and community members to prevent suicide across the lifespan.

Mental Health First Aid (Adult, Youth and Teen) trainings

The DMHA can connect you and your organization to trainers certified by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing in mental health first aid. Mental Health First Aid is a 6.5 hour ‘first-aid-type” class for mental health. Learn how to recognize and respond to adults or youth who may be experiencing mental health challenges or crisis.

Find out more about Mental Health First Aid, or find the next class on our event calendar.

In partnership with NAMI NH and the Dover Public Schools, the DMHA started teaching Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) to sophomore health classes at Dover High School in the fall of 2021. It is expected that each school year, sophomores will receive this training in their health class in perpetuity.

NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention Training

The DMHA can connect you with certified NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention trainings. Connect Suicide Prevention/Intervention Training increases the capacity of professionals and communities to prevent suicide across the lifespan.  Connect uses a public health approach and incorporates key elements of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy.  Applying a unique  holistic model and offering a community planning component,  Connect stands apart from other training programs.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Training

In partnership with Pinetree Institute, local Rotary Clubs and ACE Interface, the DMHA can connect you and/or your organization to local ACE Master Trainers. ACEs training dives deep into the neurological, psychological and physiological impact of trauma and how it relates to our biggest health and social problems such as substance use, housing insecurity and mental health.

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