Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA)

“Dover High School sophomore Catie Moe wants to help her classmates address their mental health needs.[….]”Before I took the training, I didn’t even know we had social workers in our school,” she said. “With the training, now I can see signs, often sudden changes in behavior. Maybe the person is suddenly very quiet. Maybe they started wearing baggy clothing when that was not their style before. Maybe they stopped engaging with their friends.””

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NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention Training

In the Summer of 2021, suicide prevention expert trainers trained 17 community members, representing all sectors of the Dover community, to deliver suicide prevention training. Here is what they had to say about this training:

“The program empowered me to move from a position of deep concern and uncertainty to one of vigilance, care, and readiness.” – Joe Ryan, Instructor, Northern Essex Community College

“The NAMI Training offers HOPE to our community. We can be proactive in planning for suicide prevention and offering mental wellness programs throughout Dover.” Barb Lynch, Psy.D., Dover Middle School, SPED Counselor

“I found that I have taken dozens of classes on suicide pre/postvention and had never been able to take a systematic look at the complexities of prevention. In essence, we learned that it does not just take a village, it takes a system in place for the village to communicate, and this training facilitated the first steps to implement this process.” Peter Fifield Ed.D MLADC, LCMHC

“I found myself in a situation where I had to use my new suicide prevention skills, the day after the training ended. My colleagues and I were able to diffuse a situation and knew exactly what to do to help this person get the help they needed fast, and with dignity.” Alex Mitrushi, Dover Police Patrol Sargent.