Become a Place

Become the “Place”

A Safe, Judgment-Free Space
for Your Employees,
Colleagues and Customers

Mental Health is Relevant to Us All

Business owners, factory workers, healthcare providers, teachers, first responders, hospitality workers, CEOs, CFOs, sales people, support workers, software designers—you name the person—WE ALL have mental health.

The Mental Health Continuum

For many of us, we function on the left side of the mental health continuum. We all have ups and downs in life. Work related stress can move us toward the middle of this continuum and movement on the continuum is normal. Understanding how to cope with stressful situations or lend support to a coworker or customer can make all the difference in staying mentally well and performing your job duties, or not.

Become a “Place”

A safe and judgment-free space for your employees, colleagues and customers.

The “Place” is a DMHA designation available to any business, organization or institution that strives to support the mental health of their employees, colleagues and customers.

The decision to become a safe and judgement-free space – one that normalizes conversations about mental health, and offers support and resources – will enhance professional culture and environment.
Becoming a “Place”, will result in a deeper degree of health and wellness among all personnel which over time will positively affect the productivity, job satisfaction and bottom line of your organization.

Did you know..

  • Mental health challenges and substance abuse disorders cost US businesses between $80 and 100 million annually.
  • Serious mental illness costs America up to $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year.
  • Depression is thought to count for up to 400 million lost work days annually.
  • Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity.

The “Place” Designation is a Commitment to Your Employees,
Colleagues and Customers that Makes Sense

  • Learn, accept and display the Dover Mental Health Alliance’s (DMHA) visionand mission statement.
  • Maintain a list of immediate resources available that could help someone(employee, client, someone off the street) if they are experiencing an emotional crisis. DMHA can provide these resources to you.
  • Provide a safe space, without judgment or discrimination for anyone seeking refuge at the “Place”. A quiet comfortable location away from the hustle and bustle of the work areas is ideal, but not necessary.
  • Visibly display the DMHA “Place” decal, identifying your participation in thisprogram (entrance of businesses).
  • Schedule an employee team* to attend ACE training, a 90 minute
  • presentation. This training can be done via zoom or in person (post COVID).
  • Send an employee team* to a Mental Health First Aid training. MHFA consists of 4 hours of independent work (online)AND 4 hours of class work on zoom or in person (post COVID). MHFA training sessions can also be onsite at yourestablishment if this works best for you.
  • Ensure that a trained employee is onsite at all times during operating hours.
*Per DMHA “Place” criteria, a “team” refers to 10% of a department for companies of 100+ employees, or 10% of an entire company with 1-99 employees. The DMHA will work with you in a way that works best for your organization or business to become the “Place.”

An annual review will be performed to ensure that organizations who are designated as the “Place” are meeting established criteria. This is also a great time to review new training materials available to your organization and address any challenges you may be experiencing.

Once your organization becomes the “Place”, the DMHA will work with your business or organization to guide you in establishing mental health policies and best practices to develop a Mental Health Friendly Workplace, tailored to your business needs.

Are you ready to become the “Place”?

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